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Services and products

Welcome to Little Eve™! I am happy to present you with my creative work done over the years. Little Eve™ was founded in 2011. Since then, from my home workshop, I have been creating beautiful products to make you happy. For easy navigation, the products are divided into several sections. 

Should you find something you love and wish to place an order, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can guarantee that I will not recreate the exact same thing for you. Products always vary slightly in size, shape, and combination of materials. Each piece is made just for you. Prices depend on size, workmanship and material used. Delivery time is by agreement. Request a quote

Baskets and placemats

Baskets and placemats are made of cotton rope sewn on a machine. It is soft enough to be stitched and strong enough to hold its shape beautifully. It is a very pleasant material. The color effect is created by sewing in cotton yarn, or colorful fabrics and appliqués. With this approach the basket is always unique.


Cushions - colorful dreams

Pillows for your colorful dreams are sewn from cotton fabrics using the "Patchwork" technique and sewn applications, your chosen name or a picture of what you love, thus creating a personalized pillow exactly for you or the person you want to gift. The cover is removable. 


Colorful fashion for kids

Barevná móda pro děti a rodiče, které nebaví oblékat děti do sériových mikin s oblíbenými “superhrdiny.” Veselá, hravá přesně podle vaší nálady. Vše kombinace materiálů: fleece, bavlna, manšestr, samet, háčkované detaily. 
Vaše děti budou nepřehlédnutelné



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